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Brabantia’s newIcon pedal bins are not only iconic beauties, but they’re reliable workers too, making them a perfect option for your business needs. The lid closes smoothly and very quietly. And of course they’re odour proof and easy to open, move around and keep clean. NewIcon pedal bins come in 3, 5, 12, 20 right up to 30 litres, all with a 10-year guarantee. So whether you are looking for toilet bins, hotel bedroom bins or bins for your kitchen or reception area, the newIcon pedal bins have you covered!


We love our planet as much as you do. That’s why we’ve really stepped up our green game with our newIcon pedal bins. These sustainable pedal bins are made of 40% recycled materials, and after use, 98% of the bin and packaging is recyclable.

On top of that, for each newIcon pedal bin you order, you’ll support The Ocean Cleanup to fulfill its mission – to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. For more information about The Ocean Cleanup:

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