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Brabantia bin in hotel reception

In partnering with us you’ll have access to Sales Specialists who can advise you on your online presence. We also run ongoing extensive Social Media Campaigns that will help drive consumer awareness for our range and in turn delight your guests when they see these must-have items in your hotel.

With over 89,000 Facebook fans from around the world, our brand attracts loyal ambassadors who take great delight in sharing their love for Brabantia products with their peers.    Bright Bazaar

Guests love to share their delight at finding our products in hotels, you only need to look at TripAdvisor to read some of the reviews! We help manage your online reputation and can track any product feedback or issues.

“The hotel has two main strengths – the luxuriousness of the rooms and the quality of the service. The room is very high tech (keyless entry etc) but also very comfortable. From top to bottom the room was decorated with quality furnishings…and a Brabantia toilet brush!”

Our dedicated award-winning Customer Service team maintain a 98% customer satisfaction rating. So if you’ve got a query or need some advice simply give them a call or send them a Tweet! With Brabantia you can rest assured that you will be in good hands.

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