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Brabantia products are built to last. We pride ourselves in offering durable solutions and lasting values. A reputation such as this is a valuable asset, so we take good care of it. As we do of all our products, which is why all Brabantia products always carry a long-term guarantee.

During the guarantee period (you will find this clearly specified on every pack) Brabantia will repair free of charge any defects in items which can be ascribed to material, construction and/or manufacturing faults or will replace the item or the defective parts of the item at its discretion.

We care about the products we create and the impact they have on people and the planet too. And because we care about what we make, we now design recyclability into all our products. We are moving toward 100% recycling within the next generation. Take our FlatBack+®. It’s not just a smart addition to any kitchen, it’s smarter for the planet too, having received C2C Certification.

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