Need for reliable and long lasting catering equipment

Reliable Brabantia Catering Equipment

Commercial kitchens demand high quality catering equipment that will withstand the daily rigours of cooking on an industrial scale.

Whether it’s a set of chef’s knives or kitchen scales you require, investing in quality products in the first instance is much more cost-effective than purchasing cheaper, less durable products that do not stand the test of time.

Our reliable food preparation products are specially designed for professional chefs and combine great craftsmanship and leading edge, high-grade materials. Made from ice hardened high carbon Molybdenum Vanadium steel, the blades stay sharp for longer, are scratchproof and offer a better corrosion resistance. For example, the seamless grips on our knives are made of matt brushed steel and solid black plastic, so the knives are also easy to clean and hygienic to use too.

Brabantia Professional Catering Knives

All our kitchen products are designed with your ease of use and durability in mind. Our stainless steel mixing bowls have gently curved edges, specially designed so chefs can hold the bowl in the optimal mixing position, while the silicone base coating prevents the bowl from slipping. It’s heat resistant up to 220ºC and we’ve added handy measurements on the inside of the bowl to make it quicker to mix and measure ingredients accurately.

With our understanding of the needs of the catering industry, supported by our excellent customer service, you can be assured that your purchase will give you and your team peace of mind.

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