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As consumers’ disposable income continues to be squeezed, creating consumer engagement and informing buying choices has never been more important.

Growing numbers of savvy shoppers are now ‘show-rooming’ – researching merchandise in store and then buying it online. In fact recent research* revealed that the number of shoppers ‘show-rooming’ has doubled in the past two years and that an estimated 50% of people admitted to ‘show-rooming’ while Christmas shopping. While another** found 40% of these shoppers then took their business elsewhere.

How Brabantia can help you:

Many retailers looking to limit potential loss of revenue, consumers and market share have adopted the recent trend for ‘Retail Theatre’, stimulating consumers’ senses and establishing a connection with the product and brand. Brabantia offers its partners Brabantia Packaginga range of compelling Point of Sale displays and Visual Merchandising advice to help complement your own in-store retail theatre. Our new inspiring packaging turns the products into a gift for your customers or a loved one too, making the ordinary extraordinary.

We understand that training your staff about all the products you sell can be challenging and time consuming. At Brabantia we have a dedicated Specialist Sales Team who will keep in regular contact with you, anticipating and responding quickly to market changes.

They will also help train your staff about Brabantia products, improving your sales conversion and driving business growth.  They’ll become experts in our exciting new product features, contemporary colour palettes and lovely details. Our renowned Customer Service team, who maintain a 98% customer satisfaction rating, provide on and off line support with after-sales guarantees and product advice.

And if your are looking to reduce some of your overheads to improve profitability we can discuss implementing our direct to customer dispatch service. Through this service your consumers can order the product they want through your store or website and we will then fulfil the provision and delivery of the product direct to their home using your branding. This reduces your own warehousing needs and increases the range of products that you can offer your consumers.

If you would like to discuss our Point of Sale support or find out more about our Dropship service, please complete the sales enquiry form.

* Source: The Drum

**Source: BBC

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