Leverage the power of social media for homeware sales

We can help you leverage the power of Social Media for consumers

Social media networks have shifted the balance of power from the retailer to the consumer.

Consumers are now more connected than ever, using social media to inform buying choices and highlight poor quality products and service. In 2014 the following percentage* of social media users interacted with a brand or business on social media: Facebook 60%, Twitter 75% and LinkedIn 53%. Whilst more than 80% of consumers** check online reviews before making purchase decisions

Yet despite this many retailers either do not see the value or lack the resources to engage with their consumers via these channels.

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In partnering with Brabantia you have access to Sales Specialists who can advise you on your online presence. We also run an extensive Social Media Campaign that will not only help drive consumer awareness and demand for Brabantia products but will in turn increase your footfall. Our social media activities have influenced over 4.5 million people to date via FacebookTwitter, Customer Reviews, Pinterest and our ‘Designed for Living’ blog.

An additional complication of more socially-connected consumers is the potential knowledge gap. When your consumers visit your store they expect your staff to be able to advise them on the products they are interested in, with detail above and beyond that which they’ve already researched on the internet. Our aim is to enrich the quality of life of our consumers with beautiful interior designed products that make daily chores a pleasure – your staff will have all the support they need to make this happen. Research** suggests that sales conversion rates increased by 9% when consumers were assisted by employees who possessed a high degree of product knowledge and demonstrated strong interpersonal skills.

Our specialist sales team will keep in regular contact with you, anticipating and responding to market changes and advising how you may be able harness social media streams to drive engagement and conversion.

If you would like support in establishing a more effective social media presence or to find out more about our Sales Team and Customer Service support, please complete the sales enquiry form.

* Source: Keep Social Honest Report
** Source: Marketing Land

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