Hotel Bedroom Supplies

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Hotel Bedroom Supplies

Our range of hotel bedroom supplies consists of a variety of products including hotel bedroom bins, waste bins andĀ ironing products.

We have a range of bins which are ideal for hotel bedrooms, including traditional open top waste bins available in a range of sizes to suit any location. We also provide a Flame Guard bin which is fitted with a high-grade steel flame extinguisher, shutting off the oxygen supply if waste ever catches fire in the bin – this is an essential accessory for any hotel bedroom as a bin fire can quickly take hold and spread throughout the rest of the rooms.

Other essential items for hotel bedrooms include the Size A ironing board and Iron Store. The ironing board is compact so that it can be discretely stored away when not in use, but provides ample work space when required. The ironĀ store is easily wall mountable and provides a simple and stylish place to store both ironing board and steam iron when they are not needed. It is also made from heat resistant materials, meaning irons can be put away whilst still hot – eliminating the need to wait for the iron to cool down sufficiently.

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