Hotel Laundry Supplies

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Hotel Laundry Supplies

Here at Brabantia, we provide a vast selection of different hotel laundry supplies including clothes lines, various ironing boards & covers and also laundry bins. All the essential items a guest may need during their stay.

The Size D ironing board makes the job of ironing larger items, such as bed linen, much faster and more comfortable. It has an extra stable and wide working surface, is height adjustable and features a transport lock to keep the board folded whilst not in use. Brabantia’s Iron Store is a practical space saver for busy hotels, allowing both ironing board and steam iron to be stored flat against a wall – it is also made from heat resistant material, so the iron can be put away instantly – no need for it to cool down!

Brabantia’s indoor clothes line has a space saving design, allowing you to dry clothing effectively even in small areas. It is easy to fix to a wall, features a smooth action thanks to the automatic pull-out system and the automatic blocking system ensures that the drying lines are always taut.

The Size A ironing boards are the perfect addition to any hotel room, allowing your guests to iron their clothes quickly and effort-free. Once they have finished, the board will fold away nicely and is the perfect size to easily store in a wardrobe or cabinet. Our ironing board covers are also an essential hotel laundry item, replacing the covers helps to keep the board in good working order and also gives the board a premium look to help the overall image of your hotel.

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